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Massimo Pietroni - Università di Firenze

Sergio Ferrara - CERN

  The plan of the course is (time permitting):
  • Friedmann-Robertson-Walker Universe, Friedmann equations. Thermal history of the Universe. Equilibrium vs. non-equilibrium.
  • Decouplings from the thermal bath: photons, neutrinos, WIMPs, baryogenesis and leptogenesis
  • Inflation and the generation of cosmic perturbations
  • Cosmic Microwave Background, Large Scale Structure. Dark Matter and Dark Energy
      S. Dodelson, Modern Cosmology, Acedemic Press
      V. Mikhanov, Physical foundations of Cosmology, Cambridge U.P.
      D.H. Lyth, A.R. Liddle, The primordial density perturbation, Cambridge U.P.