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Introduction to String Field Theory

Loriano Bonora - SISSA, Trieste

  The plan of the course is (time permitting):
    1. Review of open and closed string theory (spectrum, vertex operators, ghosts, moduli space, on-shell amplitudes). Introduction to open string field theory (OSFT) a la Witten. Comparison with boundary SFT.
    2. OSFT, various descriptions of the star product. Gauge symmetry and gauge fixing. Level truncation. Effective action. Quantization (BV).
    3. Perturbative expansion, Feynman rules. Tachyon condensation. Sen's conjectures. Evidence for Sen's conjectures. Rollying tachyon.
    4. Analytic solutions. Proof of Sen's conjectures.
    5. Review of superstring theory. Superstring field theories. Berkovits SSFT.
    6. Other SFT's (closed, boundary SFT). Prospects (open-closed string duality).