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Introduction to Supergravity

Anna Ceresole - INFN, Torino

Leonardo Castellani - Università del Piemonte Orientale, Alessandria

  The plan of the course is:
    Part I: Foundations
  • D=4 N=1 supergravity (SG) in components. Index-free formulation, proof of local supersymmetry, on shell closure of the supersymmetry algebra.
  • Group geometric formulation of (super)gravity theories. Superalgebras: introductory notions. Free differential algebras. Building procedure for SG actions.
  • Off-shell SG and auxiliary fields. New minimal D=4, N=1 SG. Spinors in higher dimensions.
  • SG in higher dimensions: i) D=10 SG limits of superstring theories, ii) D=11 SG. Kaluza Klein SG. Compactifications to D=4 and D=5.
      Part II: The geometry of scalar fields
  • Matter couplings in SG; from e-m to U-duality
  • N=2, D=4, D=5
  • Applications: Domain walls and black holes