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Superstring Amplitudes

Stephan Stieberger - Max Planck Institute - Munich

  I will introduce into the subject of string amplitudes and present many recent advances on tree-level open and closed superstring amplitudes including BCJ and KLT structure, motivic and single-valued multiple zeta values.
  The plan of the course is:
    0. Motivation for string scattering amplitudes.
    1. String amplitudes: world-sheet geometry and conformal field theory.
    2. General properties from string world-sheet.
    3. General structure of open superstring amplitudes.
    4. Closed string amplitudes.
    5. Mixed amplitudes involving both open and closed strings.
    6. Motivic superstring amplitudes.
    J. Polchinski, String Theory, Cambridge University Press
    R. Blumenhagen, D. Luest, S. Theisen, Basic Concepts of String Theory, Springer