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Rodolfo Russo - Queen Mary University, London

  The course provides a first introduction to string theory and the basic concepts and techniques in 2d CFTs.  
  The plan is as follows:
    Classical strings.
    Naive quantisation.
    Basics of 2d CFTs.
    Covariant quantisation and the bc CFT.
    BRST quantisation and the free spectrum.
    The Veneziano amplitude.
    Other tree-level amplitudes.
    High and low energy regimes.
    D-branes (I).
    The R and NS models.
    Superstrings and the GSO projection.
    D-branes (II).
    Toroidal compactification and orbifolds.
  spending roughly 1h on each topic. Thus the lectures will not be exhaustive, but hopefully will make it easier to read the references and will allow the interested students to work out the details independently.  
Green, Schwarz and Witten: "Superstring Theory" vol 1,2
Polchinski: "String Theory" vol 1,2
Blumenhagen, Lust and Theisen: "Basic Concepts of String Theory"
A. Liccardo and P. Di Vecchia, "D-branes in String Theory, I", hep-th/9912161
A. Liccardo and P. Di Vecchia, "D-branes in String Theory, II", hep-th/9912257